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Welcome to the website of the European Society of Veterinary Clinical Ethology

What is ESVCE ?

ESVCE is a non-profit making organisation which aims to promote and support scientific progress in veterinary behaviour medicine and comparative clinical ethology.

ESVCE Mission Statement


  • Encourages and aims to facilitate co-ordination of research and other contributions to knowledge related to diagnosis, therapy, prevention, and control of behaviour problems in animals.
  • Supports the formation of a specialised organisation for veterinary clinical ethology (European College).
  • Aims to further education in veterinary clinical ethology (training within veterinary institutions, requirements for post-graduate studies).
  • Encourages communication and co-operation with other behaviour orientated associations (animal behaviour and psychology / psychiatry).
  • Publishes a newsletter, providing information for full and associate members.
  • Offers an e-mail chat-list to discuss clinical cases and scientific questions.

Download a copy of our constitution (pdf)

Contact us

President                               Barbara Schöning

Vice-President                        Goncalo da Graca Pereira

Secretary                               Christine Halsberghe

Treasurer                             Anneli Muser Leyvraz

Membership Secretary            Emmanuel Gaultier

Communications Officer          Kendal Shepherd


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